24th and Meatballs


My first taste was really because I went next door to Uno Mas and my child decided that she didn’t want the taco after all but wanted a meatball.  So off we went to check it out.  For $2.50 she got probably a 2-inch diameter chicken meatball on the cutest little bun ever with cheese sauce.  The cheese smelled like fondue, so I wanted in on it, but had just eaten like 4 tacos and felt I shouldn’t.  We took the meatball slider back to Uno Mas and rejoined our family for her to eat it there.  She took maybe a bite or two and called the whole thing off.  It totally paid off for me, as I got to eat the other half, after my mother in law had a taste.  I walked away wanting more, but knowing that it wasn’t going to happen that day.

The following week at work, I still had the balls on my brain, so I drag my poor co-workers along.  These people are good sports; like sidekicks in my food problem, and they seem only too happy to join in on the experiment.  Off we go to get some balls.  I love the fact that this place totally plays on the “balls” aspect.  Fantastic.  Nothing better than going on a lunch here with your co-workers and hearing your boss’ boss order Balls Balls Balls, while another co-worker exclaims:  “I got a Ball in a little bun!”  It’s the little things for me, total toilet humor, but we are all in on the joke.


It worked out like this: I ordered the meatball hero with the chicken meatballs and cheese sauce, which is pictured to the side.  The other people who came with me ordered: Balls Balls Balls, which was a big bowl with 3 large balls covered in the sauce of choice, accompanied by a piece of bread (I should have gotten this), another ordered 3 sliders of various meats and sauces, which she loved, and the other person got a big bowl of pasta with balls and sauce on top.  My sandwich was a typical case of my eyes being bigger than my stomach.  3 balls doesn’t sound like much, but the cheese made it even more rich, eventually, I had to abandon the delightful hoagie/baguette that had soaked up the cheese in order to eat the meat.  Seriously, it was like fondue after all, but with meatballs on top.  That may sound gross, but it is not, believe me.  Plus, it had a yummy pickle.  Don’t know if that was housemade, but I liked it just the same.  The seating situation here is a little better than the tacos next door, and there appeared to be some decent wines available as well as beer to go with your meal.  All in all, everyone seemed pretty thrilled with what they’d gotten and there is talk of a return visit.

As a side note, a couple of other friends I work with went the following week and got the balls and did not like the chicken ones that I thought were so tasty.  They felt that they tasted a bit “off” like either they were turning or the spice wasn’t quite right.


Obviously, I had to go back.  So I took a friend with me for lunch.  In order to get a better idea of what I was getting, I ordered 3 sliders:  1) the Ball of the Day, which was a spicy beef and pork, with marinara sauce, 2) the Spicy Pork, with pork sauce, and 3) the Italian, with cheese sauce.

The first one, the Ball of the Day, did indeed have a bit of kick to it.  Coupled with the marinara sauce, it was a tender, spicy delight.  I couldn’t wait to dig into the next one, which was the Spicy Pork.  The meatball itself was a bit less spicy, but still tender and yummy.  The pork sauce was a red sauce with pulled pork throughout, and it was cold.  At first, I was hoping it was because it’s pretty cold in there, but I eventually just picked the sauce off, because cold pork on a hot meatball just wasn’t right.  Moving on to the Italian, with the cheese sauce.  The sauce was hot and it is super rich and tasty.  It’s just like the fondue I remembered from my last trip.  The meatball itself was pink inside.  As in undercooked meat pink.  I ended up abandoning the meatball, but I ate the cheese covered bun.  I will chalk this up to an off day.  But if I get an undercooked meatball next time, I’m returning it.

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